Why should you work with me?

Have you collaborated with a translation company in the past but are looking for someone to provide more customised service and a more human approach? If this is the first time you need translation services, you’ve come to the right place.

I am aware of the importance of being friendly and human with the people you work with. I think that when difficulties arise, we should deal with them with a positive attitude to find the best solution. Communication is always the basis of a successful collaboration.

I am rigorous with my translation work, and above all, I like questioning my knowledge and checking my doubts. Translators can’t know everything, and that is why dictionaries and other reference sources should be consulted daily. Doubting might seem a sign of weakness, but I think it is a sign of strength.

Languages are living creatures, evolving so fast that all language professionals should update their expert knowledge to keep the path. One of the advantages of working with languages is that you learn every day, whether phrases, new words or new realities you did not know. As the Spanish poet Antonio Machado said, “traveller, there is no path. Paths are made by walking”.

Some more information about me

My name is Elisa de la Torre Castejón and I decided to become a translator due to my unconditional love for languages. Before starting my translation studies, I thought about studying Music because during my childhood and adolescence I took piano lessons.  Finally, I did not feel that Music was my destiny, but I always try to take some time off for my hobbies.

I have been working as a full-time translator since 2017. I am a member of the Spanish Professional Association of Translators and Interpreters (ASETRAD). I collaborate with companies based in Spain, Italy, United States and other countries.

I completed a Translation and Interpreting Bachelor’s Degree in 2014. Before becoming a full-time freelancer, I worked as a Team Assistant at a luxury real estate agency based in Barcelona. I was in charge of client support on the phone, managing the CRM of the company and writing/translating online ads. After this work fulfilling experience, I thought it was time to dedicate myself to translation and became an entrepreneur.

You can read more detailed information about me on my LinkedIn Profile.

Looking forward to working with you. Thank you for reading these lines.