What is an SEO translator?

The translation industry has changed a lot in the last few years. There is a boom in the digital world and Artificial Intelligence, so professionals have adapted to these changes and developed new skills. So the first translators specialising in SEO translation have emerged… but what is an SEO translator? Why should you work with a translator who knows how to create optimised texts for organic search results on Google? If you have a multilingual website, calling an SEO translator will be an excellent choice for your international growth strategy and will help you save money on advertising costs. Let’s see why. What does an SEO translator do? SEO translators translate texts to make them more appealing to search engines like Google. These translation professionals translate website texts, adapting them for the target market. The final text should be culturally relevant and include the right keywords because content that ranks well in Google in the UK will not necessarily rank well in Spain. Therefore, translating is the main part of the process but choosing the right keywords and adapting cultural references is the key to creating an optimised translation and communicating better with your clients. Let’s see an example: Imagine you have a website and sell products online. Your site ranks well on Google and many customers trust it in the UK. You decide to expand your business to the Spanish market and delegate the translation of texts to a professional. Unfortunately, if this person does not take SEO principles into account, the Spanish version

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