What types of real estate documents can you translate?

The real estate industry requires translation services such as the following:

  • Technical translation: project descriptions, building specifications, reports, etc.;
  • Advertising translation service: Google Ads campaigns, text ads for real estate websites or real estate ads for magazines;
  • Info product translation service: infographics, newsletters, ebooks, PDF documents and PowerPoint presentations including information about the real estate industry to both customers and investors;
  • Blog translation service: posts and press articles about your company, the industry and other topics.
  • Subtitle translation: subtitling of corporate videos for social networks, YouTube, conferences and real estate events.

Why should you hire real estate translation services?

Some real estate agencies and developers need to establish business relationships with customers, partners and investors from foreign countries. Therefore, real estate listings of properties, plots and new developments should be available in several languages so that the listings can be accessed from different markets. This is why a real estate translation service of good quality is so important.

High-quality linguistic service is key to let the people have a positive impression of your brand and stand out from your competitors. Whether you need to translate a brochure for a direct mail campaign or a PowerPoint presentation for foreign investors, asking a professional translator to help you is the safest option.

Some specific aspects about real estate translation

When translating, you should consider the purpose of the source text. Is a booking confirmation or lease agreement providing detailed information about an apartment? Is it an advertising text? In that case, the writing style can be more creative, and the translator should put themself in the client’s shoes and figure out the things that should be highlighted: Is it a recently-built property belonging to a new development? Is it a luxury penthouse with breathtaking views of the sea? Is it a renovated apartment build in a unique, listed building? All these questions are important because potential customers like to have as much information as possible before booking or renting the property. The same happens with other products sold online, isn’t it?

In addition, the type of audience and market niche to which the content is targeted helps to find the right approach during the translation process. Translation service for the luxury market is aimed at clients seeking an exclusive property offering certain premises (double glazing, home automation system, underfloor heating). On the contrary, customers with a lower purchasing power are more interested in affordable housing, so their main concern is price. The writing style should be adapted to the type of customer who will read your text. Translation strategies will differ: you should think about the level of formality, the details and the explanations you should provide. Is your client looking for practical information? Is this person buying a new home or just renting the property for a few days or weeks?

To properly communicate the message of your brand and convey a professional image, you will need the help of a professional translator who knows the specific vocabulary of the real estate sector in your target market. Copywriting techniques should be applied to create texts and online ads that sell. Your writing and translation style will have to be persuasive enough to convince your customers. Let them know why your real estate agency is the best option for them.

For instance, customers who see your ad do not only need to know the basic description of the property and contact details of your real estate agency; they will be pleased to read useful information about the surroundings, the neighbourhood, and transport options nearby. So, saying “the flat is located on the 2nd floor and has two bedrooms and one bathroom” is nice, but you should also describe the house orientation, the type of insulation, the connections, the views. etc. Is there a multi-purpose room? You should mention this too.

In conclusion, you should create convincing texts showing you are trustworthy and professional. A good quality translation service is essential to publish appealing content on your website and enter new markets. The more valuable information you provide, the more customers will stop to carefully read your texts. Don’t forget that being original is also a plus. Find your approach. Also, the more time the users spend on your website, the more likely it is to improve the SEO (Search Engine Positioning). Visit the SEO translation section to learn more about this specific service.